“I act as a mentor, accelerating you towards your full potential.  My tailor-made signature programmes uniquely blend therapy, coaching, mentoring and healing, working on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. While staying focused in the present and holding the intention to support you, we address the current challenges you are facing in your life, guiding you to see, understand and release the inherited patterns and habits that are blocking you.

Marika takes an integral approach to self development by looking at you as a whole and forming a deep partnership to help you realize your full and true self. She explores everything about you and your world in her work, bringing forth a view of your life that is both broader and deeper than your current approach.

Her method attends to your individuality as well as the social context in which you are embedded. Our individuality includes our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and intentions as well as everything that is affecting us physiologically.

Marika’s programmes range from 6 months to a year because she believes that it takes on-going, attentive support to have development take root. Her approach is routed in a structured methodology combined with a highly refined intuitive approach.

Programmes have four central components which run through the duration of your time with her, and often beyond:

– Regular coaching conversations (1:30 to 2h).
– Regular ‘Clearing the Core’ healing sessions, to remove blockages within you at the deepest possible level (1 to 1:30h).
– Self-reflection exercises, intended to support you in paying attention in new ways.
– Practices, intended to support you in developing new competencies and the ability to take action. Practices always involve taking repeated action with the intention of developing skill over time.

Marika’s process brings a profound shift in health, clarity, creativity and purpose. Her goal is to guide you towards honoring yourself completely and to actively live from your own place of power.
Her process supports you in achieving long-term excellence and leave you able to address future challenges and opportunities skilfully when they arise.

While working with her and engaging in their personal transformation, clients often experience breakthroughs; becoming more present and less reactive, having more connection to themselves and others, having a longer view of the horizon and therefore more patience, and having more courage and much less attachment to their views, preferences and habits. They can respond with more freedom and creativity.

Marika has supported many clients around the world gracefully embrace transitions in all aspects of their lives and raising up to various challenges such as:

– Being an empowered and inspiring leader
– Successfully managing a career transition
– Developing healthy and satisfying relationships
– Re-birthing and rebuilding after a separation
– Increasing resilience to stress and anxiety
– Understanding and overcoming addictions
– Developing or nurturing a spiritual practice

Her clients are entrepreneurs, C-levels and executives in London, Paris and New York as well as private individuals all around the world. They often include senior leaders who have strong academic, professional or intellectual backgrounds.

Marika offers a 30 min complimentary consultation to explore how working with her could serve you or your organization.

‘Living in line with our core values as well as living in the world of business is something many of us aspire to yet find difficult to achieve.     In business we often hide behind form and yet when our voice expresses our authenticity, we know the results are exponentially more powerful.  Marika’s executive coaching and personal development programme is both profoundly transformative as well as delivering tangible results.   I was able to move on from a successful career in finance and set up my new business.  Marika’s magic lies in combining her deep understanding of the human psyche and supportive insights as well as being firmly anchored in the real world in terms of outcomes.  I cannot recommend Marika highly enough for anyone looking to embark upon life’s journey of stepping fully into their power and purpose.’

Sarah L. – London