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Marika Messager is a visionary, catalyst and change architect; who combines strategic thinking and business awareness with spiritual and emotional intelligence to help business leaders and leading businesses achieve something necessary and extraordinary:

To elevate humanity through business, and elevate business through humanity.


FM Financial Management Magazine

FM Financial Management Magazine

Coping with career anxiety In this brave new world of finance, those who adapt can reach greater fulfilment. By Hannah Pitstick 10 January 2019 Long gone are the days of preordained career paths, when many finance professionals got a job at a company and gradually...



Chances are you’ve heard about smudging, the act of burning sacred herbs to transmute negative energy. Here, modern shamanic practitioner Marika Messager explains the process in detail and provides a step-by-step basic smudging ritual. WHAT EXACTLY IS SMUDGING?...

La Folie du Coaching a Londres

La Folie du Coaching a Londres

  These days everyone has a coach, isn't it too much? Coaching in all its different forms has developed massively over the last decade. Once reserved to athletes and celebrities, now mostly everyone has been coached once in their life, whether to find the perfect...



From a regular yoga or meditation practise to the way you like your morning latte, we all have our daily rituals. But what happens when design one that’s just for you? You become a vacuum to receive, that’s what. Ruby Warrington shares her experience of creating the...

What do people say

if I had begun the ACADEMY earlier, it would have saved me time in achieving an equilibrium with my professional and personal Self to advance in my career faster. The benefits of this personal journey has multiplied in many folds towards my team and the community that I am in contact with. I am able to cut through the complexities a lot faster, to lift my team with my own progress and have those courageous conversations. The motivation now for me is beyond myself: it is about contributing to the community. If you can trust that you are capable of more, that you deserve more, this program will be extremely enlightening. You will learn lifelong skills that will allow you to achieve your full potential.

Sally Beh
Managing Director at ACE&Co. - Geneva

I joined ALIGN to help me unblock a long and frustrating period of procrastination in taking my business to the next level; where I had lots of ideas but nothing was becoming concrete. The course has certainly achieved that: I got the confidence to take my project further and the clarity that I already had the necessary foundation to do so. Trust the process; you’ll get very tangible results. This is a game changer.

Sarah Lavers
Entrepreneur, ESG advisory - London

Thanks to the meditations, I found a level of calm and peace I had not felt for a long time. It was both powerful and greatly enjoyable. The meditations made me step back and reassess certain aspects in my life that were not bringing me joy, which I then took action on. I have also learned to focus only on what brings good energy into my life. Each session provided a moment of much needed stillness and calmness that I needed to gain some clarity. Marika is extremely soothing and calming which helps to get you to the meditative state required where transformation and healing can really begin. Do not hesitate!

Sascha Safai
Head of Marketing, Bluebell Capital Partners Ltd - London


Marika Messager founded to help business leaders and leading businesses successfully transition to the new paradigm of Conscious Leadership; with the vision that Conscious Leadership is the way to face our current challenges.

With programmes for both individuals and organisations, provides the tools, training and practical support required to transform personal performance and corporate culture, in a way that positively impacts both the business, its people and the greater community.

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